dial a cab

Dial a Cab your Free Online Cab Booking Platform

If you think that you’ll never obtain a cab during rush hours, Dial a Cab may be the next preeminent thing. Before jumping on the bandwagon and contacting the first driver available, it still pays to understand what this booking platform is and what pros you can get from it. This way, you will know the time to contact a regular taxi or your favorite Dial a Cab driver.
dial a cab

 dial a cab

Who is Dial a Cab?

Dial a Cab is the largest and increasingly popular supplier of registered cabs in Cape Town. Booking a cab this way is easy and fast. All you have to do is apply for a free quote or phone now to make a booking.
You can select the car type and see the other choices which include the rates for every car.  
Dial a Cab became common as it allows its users to call an authorized driver and take them anywhere in Cape Town and nearby cities. This not just works in Cape Town, but also in all parts of Central Cape Town. So, what are you waiting for? Book Now!


dial a cab

The Dial-a-Cab has lots of essential features such as:

·You have 100% safety of your personal information.
·You can be picked up from your current location.
·Choose any pick up as well as destination address.
·We save your info making the booking process easier and quicker for your next time. 

Dial a Cab has 24 hours and 7 days a week call center to assist clients. Once the cab arrives, the customer will get a phone call.